Kurzweil K2500X 88-note keyboard workstation

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The Kurzweil K2500X is the 88-note keyboard version of the K2500. With a range of MIDI faders and two ribbon controllers it is an excellent MIDI master keyboard, and also makes a very nice piano with the fitted Piano Board and piano-weighted keys. Our K2500X is loaded with all available ROM expansion boards, Program RAM expansion board, Sampling Option, and 128Mb of sample RAM.


The Kurzweil K2500X is the 88-note weighted keyboard version of the K2500, arguably one of the most powerful workstation keyboards ever produced with a unique range of synthesis available to sculpt both factory sounds and original samples. The X version is also an excellent MIDI master keyboard, and also makes a very nice piano with the fitted Piano Board. Our K2500X is loaded with all available ROM expansion boards, Program RAM expansion board, Sampling Option, and 128Mb of sample RAM.

Building on the acclaimed V.A.S.T. technology and the features that have made the award-winning Kurzweil K2000 Series the professionals’ choice worldwide, the Kurzweil K2500 Series goes several steps further. The 88 note K2500X feature a superb keyboard feel, an extensive user interface and the extraordinary processing power of Kurzweil’s most powerful instrument ever.

The K2500 and K2500X are more than “workstations”: they’re “Production Stations”. They enable you to complete a project – from conception to final master – without leaving the K2500 environment. Interfacing the K2500 with other digital and analog equipment is a breeze. And, of course, they have 8 MB of Kurzweil’s finest sounds on board, which can be expanded to 28 MB.

The K2500 keyboards have what you need for your most challenging projects: true 48-note polyphony; software upgrades from floppy or SCSI; 60 DSP functions; up to 28 MB of internal ROM sounds, 128 MB of sample RAM and 1.25 MB of battery-backed sequence/program memory; an array of controllers, including assignable pressure strips; dual SCSI ports; analog and digital I/O (with options).

Kurzweil instruments have always been known for their superb sound quality and powerful, state of the art sampling technology. With the K2500 and K2500X models, Kurzweil has added top-quality keyboards controller capabilities. The K2500X features 88 fully weighted piano-style keys.

The Kurzweil K2500 & K2500X are also full-fledged MIDI controllers with a wealth of assignable control sources. An expressive pressure strip, centered above the keyboard, can be programmed in three zones or one long zone to provide a “touch and hold” facility. A short pressure strip and two buttons near the pitch and mod wheels add dramatically to the instruments’ expressiveness. The front panel also incorporates eight independently assignable sliders, eleven assignable buttons with tri-colored LEDs, and three sequencer buttons.

The rear panels of the K2500 and K2500X provide additional controller inputs and interfacing options. The controller inputs include four footswitch, one breath-controller and two continuous control pedal jacks. Connectivity is easy with two 25-pin SCSI connectors and MIDI In, Out and Thru (MIDI Thru switchable to a copy of MIDI Out). Rear panel outputs include a pair of mixed audio outs, eight individual audio outs (which double as inserts) and one headphone output. Add K2500 Options (SMP-2X Sampling Option, KDFX Digital Effects Option or DMTi Digital Multi Track Interface) for a full range of additional digital I/Os and data conversion facilities.

The Kurzweil K2500 Series is a major step forward in electronic musical instrument technology. Each instrument combines a powerful sampler, effects processor, software-based sequencer, hierarchical file directory system, true 48-note polyphony, flexible interfacing and Kurzweil’s uniquely powerful V.A.S.T. processing technology, all in one unit.

V.A.S.T. variable architecture synthesis with 60 DSP functions
Highly readable 60 x 240 backlit LCD display
128 MB of Sample RAM
Dual SCSI Ports
32-track Sequencer
Flash ROM (for software updates via floppy disk and SCSI)
Live Mode allows real time V.A.S.T. and KDFX processing of an external signal
Sampling Option with analog and digital I/O and sample-while-play
Extensive Sample Processing
KB3 Mode adds an incredible tone wheel organ emulation

Fitted Options

P/RAM-2 Program RAM Expansion
The K2500 series PRAM expansion increases the amount of battery backed RAM in the instrument from the stock 240 Kb to 1.25 Mb.

PRAM is used for saving objects such as programs, setups, QA banks, and sequences. In fact, everything that can be named and saved goes into the battery backed RAM except for the actual recorded sample data (which goes into sample memory).

SMP-2X Advanced Sampling Option with Digital I/O, Optical I/O, and Sample-while-play. DSP functions include time compression/expansion, pitch shifting, re-sampling, pasting samples on a beats per minute time line (Mix Beat), volume ramps, mix sample and many other functions.

With the K2600 Sampling Option SMP-2X upgrade the K2600 can sample virtually any analog or digital source. With sample memory expandable to 128 Meg via standard SIMMs, up to 25 minutes of CD-quality sampled sound can be recorded, processed and played back with superb fidelity.

These instruments feature a set of some of the most powerful DSP sample processing tools available. Processing functions such as Crossfade Looping, Normalize Gain, Mix Beat, Time Compression/Expansion and many more, give you complete control over your samples. The sample editing page shows you the sample wave, allowing you to scroll to exact points in the sample for precise editing.

Once sample processing is finished, you can save to a 3.5″ floppy disk, an optional internal hard drive, or any external SCSI-compatible device.

Like the internal presets, samples are also processed through Kurzweil’s award-winning V.A.S.T. architecture. Variable Architecture Synthesis means that you can select the DSP functions for each voice from a list of 60 available DSP functions, arrangeable in 126 algorithms (including Triple Mode!). Your samples will sound V.A.S.T.ly better! The superior sampling hardware combined with V.A.S.T. sample processing can even improve samples that originated in other samplers.

SMP-2X DSP functions

Time compression/expansion, sample rate conversion, mixing/splicing, pitch shifting, crossfade looping, normalizing gain, fade in/fade out, auto truncate, mix beat, resampling and more. Samples are treated exactly as the internal ROM waves and can take full advantage of V.A.S.T. programmability (126 Algorithms, FX, MIDI control, etc.).

SMP-2X Live Mode

Powerful V.A.S.T. DSP capabilities to process any incoming mono or stereo signal via the digital inputs or analog inputs (included on the sampling option). Imagine plugging your guitar, microphone (mic pre recommended), mixer or tape track directly into your K2600 and customizing the sound using any of the V.A.S.T. parameters, all in real-time. Then add effects using the K2600’s state-of-the-art KDFX.

SMP-2X RAM Tracks

RAM Tracks makes it easier to sample in sync with the on-board sequencer; allowing you to record vocals, guitar overdubs, etc. to go with your song. After sampling, the software places the sample into a keymap and program layer, and data in the song track, to allow sync of vocal overdubs, guitar leads, etc. 128M of sample memory allows over 25 track minutes at 44.1kHz.

RM1-P2 Orchestral ROM

To expand your K2500 sound palette, you can add additional ROM Soundblocks to your V.A.S.T. series instrument. These ROM blocks add a large, unique collection of instantly-available sounds to the permanent internal sound memory.

The Orchestral ROM Soundblock contains superb orchestral samples plus layers/splits/combinations and synth programs based on orchestral samples. The Orchestral soundblock provides 8 MB of sounds, including 100 new programs and 50 new setups. The ROM block also comes with a Program Farm, a disk with hundreds of extra programs that utilize the new samples added with the soundblock.

Soundset categories include: Orchestras, Winds, Brass, Solo Strings, String Sections, Plucked Strings, Keyboards, Percussion, and Synths.

RM2-P2 Contemporary ROM
The Contemporary ROM Soundblock is a collection of Kurzweil’s hottest sounds, designed for use in a full range of contemporary music styles. Instantly available, with no disks to load and no delays in accessing sounds, the Contemporary soundblock provides 8 MB of sounds, including 100 new programs and 50 new setups.

The Contemporary ROM sounds cover Industrial, New Age, Analog, Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz and Other Contemporary Music styles. Featured sounds include a variety of Electric Guitars, Ethnic Percussion, New Drum Sounds, a large collection of Classic Synth sounds, Hammond Organ, Muted Trumpet, Alto Sax – and much, much more!

The ROM block also comes with a Program Farm, a disk with hundreds of extra programs that utilize the new samples added with the soundblock.

RMB-P2 Stereo Grand Piano ROM
The K2500 RMB-P2 Daughterboard is required to hold the optional Orchestral and Contemporary ROM blocks. Only one Daughter Board is required and holds either or both ROM blocks.

For the K2500 series, the Daughter Board also contains our 4 Mb Stereo Piano (this ROM block is included automatically in the K2600 series). This outstanding piano sample is from a new piano recording, different from the regular piano found in the K2500. 30 preset programs, plus a disk of over 60 extra programs (included with the option) utilize the power of V.A.S.T. to create a wide variety of piano timbres.

128Mb sample RAM