Denon DN-M2000R pro minidisk recorder

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The Denon DN-M2000R is a rack-mountable Minidisk recorder with advanced features that will be familiar to users of other Denon DJ products.


The Denon DN-M2000R is a rack-mountable Minidisk recorder with advanced features that will be familiar to users of other Denon DJ products.

DENON’s DN-2500F and DN-2000F MKII had already been accepted as the defacto standards for double CD players in the DJ market. Now, the DN-M2000R joins these models, featuring the same ease of operation but with MD recording
functions as well. A single MD drive has been mounted inside this unit’s 19-inch, 3U body. The DN-M2000R, of course, provides a wealth of useful features, such as a slider that controls BPM to a maximum of ±8%, a Pitch Bend function that controls the beat, a seamless loop playback function and 5-track Hot Start play.

Play Functions

Hot Start
Hot Start is possible for up to 5 tracks.
Tracks can be loaded into Hot Start by detecting the Auto Cue level (-72/-66/-60/-54/-48/-42/-36 dB selectable in Preset mode).
Sound can be loaded into Hot Start from any track location.
Loaded tracks can be replaced with new tracks.
Seamless Loop (Whole Track, not A-B) can be used during Hot Start playback.

A-B Seamless Loop
You can set a loop’s start point A and end point B without interrupting

Pitch Control (±8.0% , 0.1% steps)

Instant Start
Playback starts less than 0.01 second after the PLAY button is pressed.

Auto Cue
After a track is selected, it is automatically cued to the point where audio starts. Cueing takes place at the point where audio starts rather than where the track starts. The level at which sound is first detected can be set between -36 to -60 dB (5 steps).

Search Accuracy
The Jog Dial can be used to perform accurate searches for Track, Hour, Minute, Second or Frame (1/85 sec).
* In order to provide greater accuracy in editing, 1 frame has been set to 1/85 second on the DN-M2000R.

End of Message (EOM)
At the end of a track, the PLAY/PAUSE button flashes, providing a visual warning to the operator that the track will end shortly.
The point at which the flashing begins can be set within a range of 0 to 30 seconds (7 steps) prior to the end of the track.

Program Play (Max. 25 tracks)
When the PLAY mode is set to Single, the player stands by at the beginning of next track.
When the PLAY mode is set to Continuous, the playback is continued according to your programmed sequence.

Play mode
(Continuous, Single) & Finish mode (Stop, Next, Recue)

Recording Functions

Instant Recording
Recording starts instantly after the “REC” button is pressed.

Auto Track Increment
DN-M2000R detects the silent portion of the program material and automatically increases the track number. The level of the silent portion can be set within a range of -36 to -60 dB (5 steps)
In the case of digital recording, the subcode (of DAT or CD) is detected to increase the number of tracks.

UTOC Writing
UTOC is automatically recorded each time recording or editing is performed.
Using CUE signals to make searches (up to 5 points per track)

Editing Functions

DIVIDE: Smallest edited unit is 11.6 msec (1 sound group)
Up to 100 characters can be used for each name, however, the combined total number of characters cannot exceed 1700.
Cue signals can also be edited (erased, rewritten or added to later).

Preset Mode
1) Finish mode: Finish Recue*/Finish Stop/Finish Next
2) Auto Cue Level: Cue Det. OFF/Cue Det. (–36/–42/–48*/–54/–60)
3) End Of Message: E.O.M. OFF/E.O.M. (5/10*/15/20/25/30/35 sec.)
4) E.O.M. Timing: Continuous/A-B
5) Inc. Level: -36/-42/-48*/-54/-60 dB
6) Digital Inc.: Auto Inc. DIG./Auto Inc. Det.*/Auto Inc. OFF
8) Hot Start: ON*/OFF
9) Preset Clr: ON/OFF*
10) Servo Auto Setting: Sleep ON*/Sleep OFF
12) Microprocessor Ver.: Ver. xxxx yyyy
13) Program Data Store: Program 1 OFF*/Program 1 ON
14) Input Signal: Analog/Digital
15) Pitch Control (Pitch Bend): 8%
* : Initial Setting

General Functions
19-inch rack-mountable (Height: 3U)
Large FL display
Track Search Select knob (Easy track selection)
Jog/Shuttle wheel