Wireless microphones, radio mic systems, roaming mics…
Call them what you will there is no doubt that wireless mics have revolutionised the entertainment industry.

We stock three main ranges of radio mic systems – Sennheiser G3 and G4 wireless mics offer amazing performance at a reasonable price and so are generally specified for theatre and live music events working to a budget. Our Shure Axient Digital and UHF-R wireless systems are widely specified by high-end theatre and the corporate market.

Both Sennheiser and Shure wireless microphone systems are available with a choice of handheld or bodypack transmitters, and the bodypacks can power a choice of headset or lavalier mics (also known as lapel mics or tieclip mics) for vocal or speech use. We can also supply bodypack instrument cables or specialised microphones to use with guitars, basses, violins etc.

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