Public address & speech PA systems for hire

Whether it is an awards ceremony, public meeting, presentation, or political rally, one of the biggest challenges in audio is to achieve good coverage of a given space with clear and intelligible speech. To this end it is often necessary to use multiple loudspeakers at low volume levels, either delayed around the hall, or by focussing the sound more using line-array technology. We have listed some of our most popular small-to-medium public address systems but we prefer to tailor larger public address systems to your exact requirements. Please give us a call or drop us an email for advice or a quotation.

For example – a public meeting in a typical town hall: If you try to cover the room with just a pair of loudspeakers at the stage then sound levels may be uncomfortably loud for people at the front, and the the people at the back will be hearing reflections from the hard surfaces such as walls and ceiling which obscure the original signal. By positioning a second (and possibly third) pair of loudspeakers further down the room (ideally time-delayed to compensate for the distance from the first pair of loudspeakers) we can reduce the overall volume levels but increase clarity for everyone.

Larger spaces can benefit from the use of line-array technology. Multiple loudspeakers with a narrow vertical dispersion pattern are arrayed to form a directional wavefront which allows the sound to be focused much more accurately within the space. Using line-array components such as our d&b Q1 or T10 it is often possible to provide clear sound reproduction throughout a large indoor or outdoor space from just two sets of flown arrays, plus a little front fill.

We have listed some of the more popular public address and speech reinforcement systems below, but can configure a PA system to you exact requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs in depth.


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compact public address systems

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