AudioTools for iOS


is a suite of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps. Included in the price of this app is a great collection of professional tools — SPL, RTA, FFT, Speaker Polarity Test, Generator, Audio Scope, CLF Viewer, and Recorder, and the framework to add more sophisticated modules as you need them.
You can customize AudioTools for your needs by buying any of the additional optional modules, like Smaart Tools I, SPL Graph, or Impulse Response, at any time right from your iOS device. Start with the basic AudioTools package, and upgrade as you need more capabilities.
SPL Meter
A faithful reproduction of a classic analog SPL meter. Includes A and C weighting, and Fast and Slow ANSI decay modes. All filters meet or exceed ANSI type 1.
A 1/3 and octave band Real Time Analyzer. Includes touch-GUI range control, a cursor, max/min bars, and noise curve overlays.
Detailed acoustic analysis, up to 32876 points. View full detail or smooth to 1/24, 1/6, 1/3 or octave. Includes cursor, scalable graphics, and peak tracking.
Speaker polarity checker. Route the test signal to a speaker, and read the polarity of the speaker on the screen.
CLF Viewer
Show loudspeaker data, including plots for impedance, axial response, sensitivity, polar response, and 6dB coverage, and a 3D color balloon plot.
Delay Finder
Measures the time it takes for a pulse to return from a speaker.
Generates sine waves, square waves, white and pink noise.
Line Level Tests
A line level measurement function and frequency counter.
Audio Scope
A dual-channel audio oscilloscope that includes auto-triggering, variable gain and sweep rate, and storage of scope images.
A mono/stereo audio recorder with WAV and compressed formats and 8k-48k sample rate. Transfer files via WIFI.
File transfer of results via wifi to PC / Mac.
Audio Calculators
****Optional modules available for purchase from within AudioTools *****
Smaart® Tools – Single channel module.
The power of Smaart® on a mobile platform. Includes RTA graphs to 1/48th octave and Spectrograph. Split-screen on iPad.
Transfer Function — Requires 2-channel interface.
Two-channel FFT-based measurement. Allows you to analyze sound system performance with music or pink noise as the signal source.
Energy Time Curve. Plot decay of an impulse over time, and compute RT60 time. Internal or External trigger.
Impulse Response
Record and analyze an impulse or sine sweep, compute octave and 1/3 octave ETC, T30, C50, C80, CT, Definition. Also shows FFT and Schroeder curve.
Digital SPL meter with ANSI Slow, Fast, Peak, and Impulse mode, along with LEQ. Includes A and C weighting, and all 10 octave band filters.
SPL Graph
Plot second-by-second SPL level for up to 24 hours, and optionally record the audio. Also, add the optional Octave Band Logging upgrade to elevate this tool to rival any professional logging SPL Meter.
SPL Traffic Light
Monitor live sound levels SPL and Leq and see status in a simple green-yellow-red display.
STIPA Speech Intelligibility
Meets the current NFPA code standards for testing evac systems and schools.
Speaker Distortion
Measure THD+n of any driver.
THD+n (requires iAudioInterface)
Impedance Meter and Plot (requires iAudioInterface)
Phase Meter
Amplitude Sweep
AudioTools is available for boh iPhone and iPad from AppStore for initial price of £13.99 with in app purchases.

SPL Pro Module £5.49
SPL Graph Module £6.99
Smaart Tools Single-Channel £34.99
Polarity Test Module £2.49
SPL Traffic Light Module £5.49
ETC Module £6.99
VU / Peak Meter Module £1.99
Impulse Response Module £39.99
Speaker Distortion Module £3.99
Phase Meter £5.49