SoundCue for iPad

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Let’s start with SoundCue.
Live performance made easy!
SoundCue provides professional track playback from your iPad. It was developed for traveling musicians, bands, professional audio engineers, theater, radio and television work. Load your music on to any of the 125 buttons and have total playback control at your fingertips.
Key features:
– Instantly play back audio files with the press of a button
– Playback stops after the track is finished, waiting on your next cue
– Pressing a new playback button immediately stops the current song and begins playing the new track
– Control playback with stop, pause/play buttons and custom fade times
– Jump to any point in a song using the play bar
– Monitor your song with count-up and count-down timers
– Your transferred audio is played back in exactly the same format you saved it in
Uncompressed audio stays uncompressed! (Supports .wav)
– DropBox integration
– The interface has been optimized to quickly assign songs to play buttons
All this for a mere £10.49
We think it’s amazing!
Read more about this app on the developer’s website.
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