new keys

We have added a few new keyboards to our hire stock over the last few months. Here is a quick overview of some of the latest additions…
Yamaha CLP-295GP digital grand pianoIn order to meet demand for a top-end digital piano with real stage presence we have added a Yamaha CLP-295GP digital grand piano to our hire stock. Originally specified to meet the needs of keyboard legend Rick Wakeman during his recent one-man Fringe show at Assembly Theatre, the CLP-295GP has also been very popular with our corporate clients due to its natural-sounding built-in amplification and beautiful gloss black case. Unlike an acoustic piano there is no requirement for tuning, saving precious time when the schedule is tight, and our custom flight case makes it easy to transport with the sound or lighting kit.
Kurzweil PC3LE8 workstation keyboardWe have also added a Kurzweil PC3LE8 to augment our existing Kurzweil PC88MX digital pianos, K2500X sampling workstation keyboard and K2500R and KMP-1 MIDI modules. The PC3LE8 features over 1000 factory sounds, helpfully grouped into categories, including the famous Kurzweil grand piano samples. The PC3LE8 also makes a great MIDI controller keyboard with its built-in drum pads and a selections of real-time controllers in addition to a graded hammer-action 88-note weighted keyboard with velocity and aftertouch.
Nord Stage EX88 88-note weighted keyboard pianoAnother stage piano that is in high demand is the Clavia Nord Stage EX88. Since releasing their first virtual electromechanical instrument in 2001, Nord has quickly established itself as one of the market leaders in professional keyboards. We also keep the Nord Electro 3 76 in our rental stock. Although both instruments have a similar range of sounds the Nord Stage EX88 features an 88-note weighted hammer-action keyboard, whereas the Nord Electro 3 76 has a waterfall keyboard more suited to players wanting to exploit the amazing virtual organ section – with digital modelling of Hammond tone-wheel organs as well as Vox Continental and Farfisa Compact transistor organs from the ’60s. We actually have one of the ultra-rare Farfisa Compact Duo organs available for hire as well btw. Say “cheese”…
Hammond C3 organAnother recent acquisition is our Hammond C3 tone-wheel organ, with Leslie 122 rotary speaker cabinet and amplifier. An original instrument from the ’60s and identical to the iconic B3 in all but the case design, our Hammond is in the workshop at the moment for some cosmetic attention but plays beautifully with a really nice sound. Both the Hammond and Leslie are flight cased, making them suitable for touring.
Roland A-88 USB MIDI master keyboardThe Roland A-88 USB MIDI controller keyboard combines Roland’s excellent 88-note piano-weighted keyboard with compact dimensions and relatively low weight, making this an ideal master keyboard for stage or studio. With 88 pro-quality weighted keys, the A-88 sets a new standard for streamlined, portable MIDI controllers. Its Ivory Feel-G weighted keyboard brings a new level of grand piano luxury to the portable MIDI controller market. But even with its premium keyboard, the A-88 remains slim, compact, and easy to transport. For players looking for great weighted-keyboard action in a portable package, the A-88 is the best MIDI controller available.
M-Audio Oxygen 25The smallest keyboard in our hire stock is the ultra-compact M-Audio Oxygen 25. With a full range of real-time controllers and 25 full-sized keys the Oxygen 25 makes a great controller for DAWs or live performance. Small enough to fit into a suitcase, the Oxygen 25 is ideal for a flying tour, as a trigger for theatre or live performance, or for on-site editing.
Novation Impulse 61 MIDI controller keyboardIn between the Oxygen 25 and the A88 we have another new USB MIDI controller keyboard, the Novation Impulse 61. With a handy mid-sized keyboard, drum pads, faders and rotary knobs, all sending MIDI data via MIDI or USB the Impulse 61 is a hugely capable tool.
Roland Fantom X6The Roland Fantom X6 is a keyboard that has been appearing on an increasing number of backline riders recently and who are we to argue? With a huge range of high-quality samples, a full-colour touch-screen interface and a set of built-in drum triggers the Roland Fantom X6 is a powerful tool for professional musicians. Additional sounds can be added by fitting SRX-series cards, or by loading or sampling into the sample memory. The Fantom X6 can even integrate up to 8 stereo digital audio tracks into the MIDI sequencer.